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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 2, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> dana: maybe allen west will take you to dinner. >> greg: i would let him. >> eric: leave it there. preorder greg's book. great book. great guy great writer. >> bob: have you read it? >> eric: tha welcome to "red eye." tag, i have told you before, massage i oil is not for internal use. although i admit it was dark at the time. let's go to andyly view. let's coming up on tonight's show. >> a new ad shows the house minority leader and leading a zombie army. i am andy levy and i approve this message. and we will approve the debate and look at how they will handle the issues. and what happens when we send bill out to interview mick rerourke some. >> that's harsh.
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>> i don't think it is. >> i don't think you think it is either. >> i was being poe late. polite. she is so hot she smis taken for a curling iron she was named after jill dobson. and in delaware he is considered a rest stop. it is bill schulz. and if hilarity was a new light bulb, i would screw him in a dark bathroom. next to me comedian joe devito. is pelosi in bed with the undead 1234* afn attack ad makes that claim and it is about time. a new video from john dennis, two first names features a nancy look alike surrounded by nancy followers followers and a lot of metaphors including a
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lamb who is supposed to represent his candidacy. it is better than hope floats. >> she is not a sack craw official lamb. and neither am i. you are burying us alive under a mountain of debt. >> do you want 5 million americans to lose their jobs?
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>> you voted to detain american citizens indefinitely. i wouldn't have voted for that. >> there are some fights that need to be fought. no matter what the odds. >> that is so much better than "glee." why isn't that on national network television? not surprisingly the opus titled "night of the living pelosi" and herman cane's smoking man video seen here from earlier this year of the you know that breath smells good. explained to the producer of his latest creation, quote in pop culture more americans are interested in zombies than politicians. the ad is a way to get their attention. if i can sum up america in three words it would be, interested in zombies that's for sure. joe, dennis is a long-shot in this race. so why not go for broke with what i think is a pretty traditional ad. >> if pelosi doesn't like it she shouldn't appear in the ad.
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>> and she knew she was being filmed. >> only in san francisco will the republican have a peace sign doting the i. >> i think that ad needed to be half that long or 12 minutes long. they have all of this build up and he makes two points and then the ad is over. >> and then the climax is a goat or a sheep running down a road. >> it is heavy on the metaphors. we are supposed to watch and say, let our livestock run free. >> who is this offensive to more nancy pelosi or to the dead? >> to the makers of the demon sheep video. i think politics would be much more tolerable if half of the ads were like this. but the thing that is intolerable is that there is no republicans running for anything in california. it has become a one-party state in many ways. and this guy will not come
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close. if you can't beat nancy pelosi, right? or even somebody who looks vaguely like nancy pelosi somebody she promised when the health carrie form thing was passed, she promised that there would be four million jobs with this including 400,000 right away. well like we haven't seen any of those, but california has become a one-party state. >> california is over, and i am from there. it pains my to say that it is over. i am not going back there ever again. well maybe to see my mom. jill what did you make of the ad's expensive special effects, or fx? is that what it is called in your business, fx? >> yes the fx, the make up the beautful artist tree. >> the one thing i have to say is it is better than "hope floats." the set up was perfect. it is not depressing. it doesn't go on too long. i think that's all i have to say about it. >> you were blown away by it weren't you? jay i am still stunned. -- >> i am still stunned,
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gathering my thoughts. >> you tried out for the role of zombie number two. what happened? >> i was told i was too dead. >> i don't know what they were going for as far as the look is concerned. of all of the things i have read about the ad the daily caller said, well, this is something that people will remember him for this. yes, but you can say the same thing about the octo mom sex tape. the goal is to get elected and they will look at it and be like wtf was that. >> to use like a tennis metaphor, this was a hail mary pass. it is like what matt said, there is no way you will win. let's play it safe. bring in the zombies. maybe it will convince those who were never going to vote which is important. >> i found his relationship with the lamb to be slightly romantic at the end. >> i thought the strolling in
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the distance with the sun in the background, i kind of thought it looked like a roncom. >> why are you afraid of tenderness? >> i am not afraid of tenderness, but i don't know how i feel with it in a meal. >> it would be better if the lamb faced off with brian lamb. >> the american hero. >> he is an american hero and he is a subtle american hero. i love the way he talks. >> the main problem is it is a waste of money. dead people only vote democrat. >> way to bring it back. from zombies to zelits are they being attacked because of how they act? pentagon officials believe that at least some of the 97 u.s. and nato troops murdered by afghan security forces over the past 30 years were killed because they were culturally insensitive. that's right. it was their own fault according to paul spur re the best way to deal with this is u.s. troops go through muslim sensitivity training to learn
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about stuff that is considered insulting in islam. like for example never show the bottom of boots while sitting or lying across from a muslim. avoid winking or cursing. >> but it is a tick. you can't help it. >> it is my tour retes. >> avoid exiting the shower without a towel. and spur resays many military officials are outraged with one senior army intelligence official telling him quote, the cultural affront excuse is a bunch of garbage. they are killing us because we are infidels occupying islamic lands. it is what the koran and every imam is telling them, and no amount of cultural sensitivity is going to stop that. i have to go to you matt. no matter what we do, whether it is -- if we cover the feet, they are still going to hate us. if we don't sneeze, they are still going to hate us. this is never going to end.
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>> you have to wear surgical gloves. what was the movie the science of sleep? huge hands like this or john stocil-like pawns. when you have to go through that kind of training so you think someone is not going to kill you, the russians even, the dumb russians were smart enough to get the message after 10 years. it is not working out for you. the best way to protect yourself is not to learn some kind of vodoo customs or what you would imagine the customs would be. it is to get yourself out of the situation where somebody is in uniform. >> it is like an abusive relationship. i keep trying and they still hurt me. i think it is just time i get out. no matter what i do i can't make them happy. how do you deal with super sensitive people? do you kill them? >> i just keep walking on egg shells and trying harder. there is nothing these soldiers can do right.
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you can be offensive if you ask to see a photo of somebody's family. the circles i run in, if you don't say, oh, a baby, can i see a photo? beautiful. can i see more photoses? then they kill you. >> if you don't casually mention to dana perino, i hear you have a dog, do you have a picture? you are on her list. you have to talk about her dog before you talk about her which is amazing. we want to blame everything except the fact they hate us. >> it is a mental gymnastics. if we were to run down this list, does anyone think, oh we have done these 15 steps? then everything is cool. >> it is never going to happen no matter what schools we build or what roads we build. they are people who want to get back to killing and oppressing each other. for us to think we come in there and we will have a cultural shifts this is thousands of years of what we would consider pathological behavior. it is not going to happen. the only thing i would like to
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think is it is one guy doing all of these things. one dudes sneezing coming naked out of the shower. if we can get jerry to knock it off. >> waiting for the inflection at the end of the question. >> there really wasn't one. >> i didn't think. >> out of all of the islamapeasing rules this was the most telling. avoid offering and accepting things with the left hand which in islam is reserved for body lehigh gene and considered un-- bodily hygiene and considered unclean. we are trying to introduce them to democracy and they don't uppedz the concept of toilet paper. >> it is true. i said this earlier on this other show i do that you can't even bomb a place that has already been bombed and has more craters than edward james almost. we are asking way too much of our troops to have to put up with this. they are risking their lives. >> you are asking way too much
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of your panel. i want to talk about drew barry more and her new babe and we are talking politics ? >> we were going to talk about schwarzenegger. they are soldiers and not social workers. >> and 97 people killed by people in uniform. >> and we just crossed the 2,000 threshold of the u.s. troops killed in afghanistan. >> we are teaching the wrong lesson to our enemies and teaching the wrong lesson to our troops that they can't be who they are. >> s to come in and kill people and leave. that's what soldiers are supposed to do of the they are not supposed to be high school guidance counselors. >> it is a scandal. from a waste land to the heartland, how will denver impact november? on wednesday the candidates face-off at the university of denver, go cornhuskers in the first of three presidential debates. they are watching the thrilla in manila. i think that has been taken. newt gingrich summed up the
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night, the winner on hump day will get a bump day. actually he said something else. both campaigns have set expectations fairly low. i wonder does obama know folks in the media are speculating over who will have the best zingers? >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who will have the best zingers. >> you are! >> i don't know about that. governor romney, he is a good debater. i am just okay. >> yes and i am an amateur as house boy rodeo. meanwhile obama and romney are not the only ones squaring off this week. >> i believe that is a metaphor for this election. i don't know what exactly it
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was they were holding on to with their teeth. i have to think that maybe it is our constitution. >> either way the pink wardrobe is not helping. it must be the arizona sheriff. >> jill, you are an entertainment reporter, but put on your political hat. i want to ask your advice, what should the candidates do? what do you think they should do? >> i understand they have been rehersing for two weeks and trying to study up and be natural and speak in short sound bytes that are not too short that they found dismissive. what they should have done is competed in pageants. they would have had all of these years to work on speaking on stage in front of judgmental people. >> what is the one thing you did to change the world? >> i believe in organ donation. it is giving the gift of life. >> that is amazing. you had that ready. bill is also interested in organ donation, but in a different manner. >> after you are dead you give the organ.
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sorry. don't harvest them out of a body. >> how do you think he paid his rent the last few months. he has been donating organs in in -- left and right. >> romney has had a tough couple of weeks. to use a tennis metaphor, does he need to swing for the fences? >> he needs to attempt to do something weird that the media hasn't done and that is talk about what the president of the united states has done. it is amazing. i was on a show earlier talking about what kind of zingers need to happen? what are the one-liners? can we talk about the record of the guy sitting in the white house? we can discuss it. he needs to focus on that and say, look, you have run the economy, or attempted to in the last four years and it hasn't worked out. it will make the clint eastwood point that they will be fired and i have a different idea how to do a better job. i presume he will do that and then also make the point about
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the foreign policy. it was a lousy few weeks. >> the problem is, it is about domestic policy. it is poor timing. they won't even be able to talk about it. >> chris jansing. >> get him out of here. >> start with the m-word and keep going. >> joe thisy keep talking about how they #r* equiping romney with a bunch of zingers which are a delightful sthak cake but i don't know about -- snack cake but i don't know about jokes. it is difficult to force somebody to do jokes that doesn't usually do jokes? look at me. >> it is sad. can we get you two to not act like weird androids and act like a human being? obama is practicing with john kerry portraying romney which is interesting. i looked and they both have the same net worth of over $200 million. and i don't remember when
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kerry is running for president. was i asleep? >> didn't he marry that money? it was blood money because ketchup is red. bill, you have been covering presidential debates for four minutes. what is the key? >> the key is jokes and lots of them greg. they were talking about the fact that they were rehersing since august on well-rehearsed plotting zingers. and that is the only way to defeat his incumbent. i hope they have a snare drum. i think that would be amazing. >> the real star of the debate is jim lair. he was vowedded the sexiest -- he was voted the sexiest man alive. >> it is impressive. i anticipate two things. boredom from obama and awkwardness from mitt. that is the default you will get. #*eu don't expect anything wonderful to come anywhere. there may be one shot from romney where everybody goes whoa.
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but then he will say something else and make a $10,000 bet. >> no matter what they say and how bad that thing is, they will preface it with, with all due respect. and then insert zinger here. would you like to get to know your favorite tv personalities better? jill dobson welcomes it. stop by her apartment in new york city. it is 34 gand -- grandview street. jill hides the key in the plant outside the door. we wired you so you couldn't leave. >> what is a free speech wall? should have read the story before doing the tease.
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tell obama off and they scoff. i speak of lefty professors, is there any other kind? a student group at sam houston state university, go fighting irish, put up a free speech wall. but someone had to ruin it by writing f-obama which irked a member of the faculty. let's let mor dwan freeman -- mor dwan freeman explain. >> my name is morgan freeman not the actor. >> i stand corrected. continue. >> basically it is a wall that we decided you could write what you wanted on. it all of the student groups -- wanted on it. all of the students were involved. it is free speech and you can write what you want. somebody wrote the president of the university's salary on the wall. we had a lot of inspiring
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quotes. we had a girl talk about how where boyfriend cheated on her. >> but then someone was up to no good. >> we expanded to the back of the wall. we covered the front. and somebody on the back somebody wrote in purple ink f-obama, right? there was f-this, f-that all over the wall. it was not just that. a professor came by and he saw it. somebody pointed me out as the organizer of the event and he came up to me and he was like young lady, you need to take this down. this is offensive. i basically told him we are not taking it down and we are letting students write what they want. he said, fine. i will take care of it myself. he went back to his office with a box cuter and the professor literally came out with his box cuter and cut the part of the wall he didn't like out and threw it in the trashcan. >> later a cop arrived. jay he actually -- >> he said we can take down the wall or cover up the f-words on the wall or put up new paper and sensor what people wrote.
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and just so i am clear free speech is legal until it offends someone? and he said yes. morgan freeman and her group were threatened with a misdemeanor if they did not comply and so they took it down. you were in the green room to say the professor was right to sensor the wall. you went against freedom of speech. >> to give you material, something to work with here. it is stunning. it is always professors, right? when this whole nikuli, nikuli nikuli video came up it was from the university of penn and they said, let's arrest him that's the first thing we should do. >> and they did. >> and they said "we have gone too far with free speech" and all of this stuff. >> and salon or slate who wrote we americans -- i think it was slate. >> that was the posner guy. >> it was slume.
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>> or slum. >> the women are so poor. >> you went to college in the 1980sish. we had this big politically correct thing that happened in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. you thought maybe that died, and it just never did. >> no because the people that were students then became professors on our -- and are now in their 50s or 40s now on campuses, and they are as bad if not worse than the people taught them before. joe, what lesson if any can we learn from this wall? >> well, you are either in favor of free speech or you are not. there is really no in between. it is sad a grown man can't see something he disagrees with and not just walk away. can we say his name? >> yes. >> his name is joe ekirk which sounds like a catskills comic. according to the texas tribune he has a yearly salary of $161,000. >> that's a lot of box cutters. >> that is a lot of box
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cutters. a grown man in a place where people are supposed to be learning is not able to -- oh, i can't handle it. >> he is no different than anybody that gets ticked off about mohamed. he is a wuus. >> you know who is not a wuss is that girl. she is so well spoken and spoke up to the professor spoke up to the police who either didn't know what the law was or something apparently. >> she should narrate a film with marching penguins. >> i would love that. bill you are against free speech. >> i am in this case, and i will tell you why of the school should not be treated as a microcos seem of democracy. nobody is faster with free speech than teenagers. i can only imagine what was on the wall before the f-obama. people talking about cheating on each other. you know somebody ended up taping a tampon up there because you know that is what chicks do. if not on the wall then on my locker. >> what you are saying is when
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you were in high school you were a victim of free speech, meaning people were beating you up constantly? >> that's free hit. i at least wanted to be in charge. now in my current profession i am. >> well, then it all worked out. >> yes. >> we can call this a happy ending. not for joe ekirk. >> i am going to track you down and make fun of you. i am going to hurt your feelings. maybe not. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. it is red eye at fox and if you have a video of your animal doing something not boring go to fox eye and click on submit a video. we might use it. still to come in the half time report andy levy jerk. he can't take that. >> tonight's half time report is brought to you by exercise. the physical activities and the movements meant to keep a person fit and healthy. thanks, exercise.
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let's see if we got anything wrong so far. hi andy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> what are you reading there? >> just a little book i found in the newsroom. >> did somebody leave it there? >> it was just lying out with a big bow around it. the whole thing was weird actually. >> weird. that is not the real cover you know. that's what they call a proof. >> an uncorrected proof as i have discovered having looked through it. i look forward to reading the corrected version.
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i imagine it is much shorter. >> it actually is. by a lot. >> i thought i was making a joke. now i just made everything uncomfortable. >> the whole chapter about our weekend in mazatlan, i had to take it out. >> what? >> yes i had to take it out. turns out a lot of those pictures we didn't get approval from the people when they were passed out. >> you don't need approval if they are passed out. that's the whole point of rfying rfying -- roof feeing them. >> i know. >> you said the lamb in the video is supposed to represent john dennis' candidacy? the sacrificial lamb is supposed to represent the american people, and then at the end of the commercial john dennis saves us. >> and the lamb is free. that makes sense. i didn't actually make -- who ever wrote that should be punished. >> i can't help you with that. >> you could. >> you said if pelosi didn't like the ad she shouldn't have
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appeared in it. i said joe and not jill. >> this happens all the time! what is with these people. they hear joe and jill. >> i can't tell the difference. >> could be me. it is actually not pelosi. it is an actress. you can tell because her face moves. >> can we put joe up in the shot please? >> amazing. >> thanks. >> hi, andy. >> hi, i thought you had something to say if you were in the shot. >> not at all. >> this is going really smoothly, i think. the ad was run by carly fee rena rena -- fiorina by tom campbell. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. jill, how dare you say the ad was better than hope floats? >> this was a better ad, but you know what it wasn't better than? greg gutfeld. >> did yours have a bow on it too? >> yes, it did it was pink and purple. >> joe you said only in san
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francisco will the republican candidate have a peace sign doting the i in his name. it turns out that this dennis guy is pretty much a libertarian. he wants to bring our troops home from afghanistan and iraq. >> yes, i looked at some of the videos and his nonzombie ones make a lot of sense. too bad he will never win. >> i know. also he likes ron paul. >> bill, you pointed out it will not get dennis elected. i don't know why. the smoking man ad worked for herman cane. >> did it? my memory doesn't go back that far. >> isn't he president? >> i believe he is. >> because they all look alike? you make me sick to my stomach. >> oh, wow. >> it only took us 25 minutes before the ugly racist under belly of andy levy comes out. >> i am going to start reading your pamphlets before i blindly take them. i don't want that stuff on my desk. >> bill stop it.
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you have an entire blog devoted on how much you enjoy my pamphlet. >> you know how you can tell twos written by andy levy. >> you will not sit here and den gnaw grate my pamphlet. >> that is schulz with a t. >> sensitivity training for troops in afghanistan. when you have to go through that training just to get them not to kill you, it is not worth it. and you said for us to think -- i said jill again. and you said for us to think we went through the list of things, they would still hate us. so do you agree we should get out? >> should we switch seats? >> i think you and i should switch seats given how good i am doing here. >> i keep thinking, wow, i said something smart. and then i realized it wasn't me. just call me dobson for the rest of the segment. >> i am going by matt from now on. >> if he said dobbs they will
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go to lou dobbs. i am not on a show right now. >> i can't even use your initials. >> i know. >> jd? yes. >> just say hey dude. >> hey dude, you can't come out of the shower naked with your boot in the air unless you are carrying it. >> i don't think you are trying hard enough. >> they do understand the custom of toilet paper. but it is custom mary to use their right hand to wipe. >> again, i am going by matt for the rest of the show. >> muslims also not supposed to touch general tills with their right hand. >> i could have told you that. >> i believe that is cause august lot of the problems. by the way, muslims muslims in bangladesh torched buddhist temples because they were offended by a picture on facebook. you are offended by buddhists? >> i think immediately susan rice should come out and blame that on the movie "little
12:36 am
buddha" with key anew reeves. reanu reeves. >> i just love the fact that they are not allowed to do these weird innocuous things. >> but rampaging is fine. >> greg, you mentioned it will be at the university of denver and then said go, cornhuskers. >> i have a couple of friends of mine that work in the cornhusking industry and they are going. i said go cornhuskers just to encourage them to go to the debate. >> that makes perfect sense. it doesn't sound made up at all. by the way, notable alums. michelle quan condoleezza rice and sinbad. >> the comedian and not the sailor. >> never mind. >> i think madeline all bright too, right? you are not discriminating against secretary of state right? >> i don't think she was university of denver, but i
12:37 am
will double check that. >> i do think sinbad was secretary of state. >> he might have been. the sailor and not the comed yen. i think it was in the jefferson administration. you said what the candidates should have done is compete in pageants. isn't that what they are doing right now? >> you make a valid point. i am looking forward to the swimsuit competition. that's what i am tuning in for. >> you said romney needs to do what the media hasn't done. wouldn't that be racist? >> that's a good point. there was a racist thing of people covering a woman who says she had the obama phone and was called racist and said something stupid and she was black. i thought it was sexist. >> i thought it was phonist. >> i thought it was hot. >> i am glad to see president obama say he is just an okay debater. that is actually true.
12:38 am
>> it is the fake humility. >> i just wish he was that honest about libya. >> he will never -- i said this before, and he thinks he is better at everything. >> he is the best at humility. he is the best at humility. >> his problem is he cares too much. >> that was hurt. look at my back. >> is that what the doctor said? >> the doctor said i have to stop caring for people less fortunate than me. >> are you sure he didn't say carrying? jay come to think of it, i was carrying a few people from port authority. >> it is nikula-basela. >> that is nikule and the gang. >> i don't think we have a ruling yet. he was pj tau tobacco though.
12:39 am
>> back when he was a federal informant. this thing will come unraffled at some point. >> joe you said you are either in favor of free speech or you are not. are you shocked that a professor and a cop would both thing you only have freedom of speech until you offend someone? that's the message our government has been putting out the last couple weeks. >> definitely. i am surprised that the storm troopers didn't come in and seize the wall. >> storm p truers, really -- storm troopers, really? you are going to compare them to the empire? >> it is true. they are evil. >> doesn't seem right. i don't like my last one. i didn't like any of mine tonight. >> are you down today? >> not feeling it. >> monday is a hard show. >> it is a hard show. >> it is a hard show to do. >> it was this. >> well when you are -- you shouldn't read something so great before you do your modest little half time because it will just make it
12:40 am
seem incon sequential. >> i just feel like a lot of this stuff was about me. >> there is actually. you are in there. i have a chapter in the chris brown affair in there. >> really? >> yes. i had to burn up some pages. >> you had an affair with chris brown? >> we don't need to talk about that. it didn't end wall. >> it was a torrid affair. he was getting a tatoo of andy on his neck. speaking of, is life but a dream, sweetheart? not really a story just a note brett bier sliped into my pocket when i was in dc. not sure what to make of it. should i call him? i don't know. anyway, what in the hell did mickey rourke have to say to bill? sadly not the words i'm gonna kill you. >> if you could sit down with the young version of yourself, what would you say? do this, don't do this? >> don't do everything you did. >> like the whole gamut? >> everything.
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nine and a half weeks. bar fly titanic, star wars, indiana jones and the temple of something. that was all before he earned an oscar nomination. a fine film. last week the six-year-old exboxer was in town promoting his film, "black november" which focuses on 50 years of continuous oil spills in the niejer delta. >> careful with that one. >> we sent him to the hotel room to find out if the real-life mickey was so fine that he blows my mind, hey mickey. >> i am here in mickey rourk
12:45 am
e's hotel room which is the coolest thing i have ever said in my life. mickey tell me about your involvement with "black november." >> yes they said do you want to be in a movie the only white guy in a black film? i said yes. >> have i been in similar smut films, but i have a feeling this will be more successful. >> a group of terrorists have just taken a group of civilians hostage in downtown los angeles. we have no idea who they are or what they want. >> what are your take aways of "black november." what was your plight as far as nigeria and africa and i had no idea it was going and it was always going on. >> what i enjoyed was the enthusiasm that the african actors had portraying something they are trying to fix and the passion of bringing it out of them. >> don king was the producer.
12:46 am
did you hear him say words like, we have to film your interpretation uh your atonement? >> i just kept looking at the bling and wondering what was real and thought real. >> you were in the enrique iglesias video "hero." >> yes, i was. >> what happened to his mole? >> i don't know. i was out of work and i needed the job. >> his mole went from here to here and now it is gone. it is like the hump in young franken stein. i don't know what happened to this mole. i want it on a milk box. you prepared for your role in "ironman 2" but by -- by interviewing the russian inmates. what is the most awful thing they told you? >> the most interesting thing i heard when i was at that russian prison was if you don't want to give up your ass, this is good if you are over there the other prisoners will all protect you. >> did you have to make friends with them? >> no, it is just that -- they have a -- well, there is a moral ethic that if you don't
12:47 am
want to give up your ass by some guy that fancies you they will say no and they will all say no, he doesn't want to give it up. >> men teal note, if i break the -- mental note, if i break the law it will be in russia. you said you didn't have much respect for wrestling and then when you started falling -- what happened there? >> then i realized how -- i mean it is theater. you have to be in shape when you are running the ropes and you are taking the thumps. >> i don't want to one up him but i remember there was a time when i got a paper cut in a-block and i went through the whole show and did the whole hour. it is done. there was a little blood and i tried to keep it to myself but they are not paying me enough. what is harder action scenes, sex scenes, funny scenes. >> depends on who you are working with and depends on the director. >> so actually but -- >> very technical. >> does the director say, we need your butt to be going
12:48 am
like this instead of -- do they get technical? >> usually that direction is for the girl, except in your case, right? >> well you have seen my films. joy are you a top or bottom? >> i am a power middle. >> i knew we would get a roundabout answer. >> i am a power meddle which many didn't know existed. >> any last words on why all "red eye" viewers should run don't walk to the theaters and see" black november"? sometimes silence is golden. >> i guess mickey is like everybody else and he just assumes you are gay. >> he thinks i am gay and he may think i am a thief too. when we went out -- outside i had a pen and it was a thousands of thousands of dollars pen i had stolen from mickey. i was like, i will give this to the concierge. i said his pen i have it.
12:49 am
i get a call from the publicist like five hours later saying mickey wants to know if you accidentally took his pen. i think he finally got it back fnlt. >> stick around. we have more to come.
12:50 am
12:51 am
that really pisses me off. we always do robot stories on
12:52 am
this show because robots are interesting, but there is only one thing that can make robots boring, and that is a stupid [bleep] game called soccer. soccer manages to make robots boring. >> but it is so realistic because robots are also falling and flopping over for no reason like in real soccer. >> they need to be wining and crying and clutching their robot ankles. shut up! i'm sorry. i had a rough weekend. all right. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from andy levy. and to recent shows go to fox eye.
12:53 am
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coming up tomorrow, juliette huddie and jim norton.
12:56 am
back to andy levy with a post game wrap up. >> that's a lot of j's in two nights ssments. >> smoking a lot of j's. >> ma is going on? >> i am glad you asked. they just launched a new site called reason 24/7 which i think operates at least 18 hours a day and six days a week. delivering breaking news and we are super excited about it and we are covering the debates and the conventions and all of the fun terrible things in politics. >> excellent. any stories we missed tonight? >> you missed a lot of stories, anne hath away gets married and drew barry more has a daughter named olive. >> i felt like andy pitched all of those stories. >> screw seth mcfarland. >> i wish. >> quickly big show this sunday? >> yes 7:00 at gothem comedy club. contact me through the website and i can get you two for one passes.
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